Rifle Rental

This rifle was purposely built for students that do not have their own rifle and scope that is up to the task of shooting as precise as they would like, and/ or as far as they would like. And quite often students do not know what they need to accomplish their goals. To rent this rifle is $100, which includes the rifle, scope, and 80 rounds of hand loaded, match ammo.

  • Right hand custom 7mm-08
  • ​Right Hand Tikka T-3 action
  • Obermeyer 7mm M24 contour, stainless
  • CDI Precision detachable bottom metal
  • Accuracy International magazine
  • Manners Composite Stocks T-4 in “Woodland Camo”
  • Shark Suppressors “Tiger Shark”
  • EGW one piece 20 MOA picatinny scope base
  • Talley Tactical 30mm rings
  • Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24X Mil/ Mil FFP