Hunter’s Precision Rifle Class – Putting it all together

We will cover the fundamentals of marksmanship; such as how to hold the rifle, proper aiming, checking eye relief, maintaining sight alignment, creating the desired sight picture, shooting while breathing, trigger control, follow through, calling the shot, seeing bullet impact, then recovering from recoil.

Next we will establish a 100 yard zero, on paper. If you bring a scope that has recently been mounted on the rifle I will explain and demonstrate how to bore sight the scope with no tools other than a target, your eyes, and your hands. Then you will zero the rifle.

Next we will cover the vertical trajectory, and horizontal arc of the bullet as it flies down range. We will obtain a calculated trajectory via a hand-held ballistic calculator. We will chronograph your ammunition, while zeroing, if you have not already done so prior to the class.

Next we will cover the translation of the two arcs into Mils (or MOA), so that you can make your optic work for you. Then we will discuss the Mil windage formula. A simple way to remember how much windage to correct for based on the range to the target, the wind indicators, as well as the wind angle.

We will then engage armor steel targets from 200 to 800 yards using three different trajectory and windage correction techniques from the prone position. After you have become proficient in engaging the targets to, at least 800 yards, we will move to shooting from various field positions. Including shooting with a sling, and building a position using fixed or semi-fixed objects. This is if time allows. You may request a second range day (partial day) for an additional $200.

The class is one-on-one instruction. You will be the only student present and have my full attention. You are free to ask as many questions as necessary to achieve understanding. The class typically takes 5 to 8 hours. The class is $300 for week days and $350 for Saturdays, a 50% deposit will need to be mailed two weeks prior to the scheduled  range day. The remaining 50% is due upon arrival at the range. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability at the beginning of your range day. You will need to bring lunch, and I will have drinking water available throughout the day.

Necessary equipment: a rifle capable of at least 1 MOA consistency (about 1″ at 100 yards for 5 shots) a rifle scope with, at least 10X magnification (more depending on the sharpness of your vision), the rifle scope needs to have a Mil reticle (or MOA) and adjustable turrets are preferred. You need, at least, 100 rounds of matching ammunition. No tracer ammunition is allowed, no steel core bullets are allowed, no full metal jacket bullets are allowed.

Rifle Rental; if you do not have your own rifle, and would rather build a rifle to your specifications after attending the class, I will have one available to rent. It will be loaded with hand-loads from my bench. Rental of the rifle is $100 including ammunition for the day.