Precision Rifle Hunters L.L.C. is about improving rifle hunters’ abilities to make precise shots while zeroing their rifles, shooting closer than their zero range, as well as much farther distances than their zero range.

I began predator hunting as a teen, in the early nineties. After many years of predator hunting I wanted to have the ability to make precise shots beyond the 200 yard maximum I was comfortable with. I researched, through several publications and websites, hand-loading instruction, purchased equipment, and began making my own ammunition tuned to the rifle. That led me to researching the science of long range rifle shooting, the fundamentals of marksmanship, the proper optics, and the art of wind reading. I slowly began to attempt shots beyond the 200 yards I was comfortable with and worked my way out to 500 yards on steel and paper. I became friends with an accomplished long range marksman, and he helped me bridge the gap between 500 and 1000 yards. The first time I connected with steel at 1000 yards was a major feeling of accomplishment!

I decided the test my skills in competition. I began shooting “tactical practical” precision rifle matches. They are an excellent classroom to learn what weakness I had, and to show me the areas I need to improve upon. They also will force me to shoot scenarios that I had never thought of, really getting me out of my comfort zone. Those type of rifle matches are excellent to hone rifle hunters skills. They require every competitor to make precise shots from field positions, and under tight time constraints, the same as rifle hunting.

My goal is to share with hunters what I have learned in personal shooting practice, what I have learned competing in rifle matches, and what I have learned in the field. I am forever a student, and I look forward to learning more, and sharing those lessons with my fellow hunters that want to impove their skills.